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3-year warranty

Meet Pod.

Pod is a simple, flexible, and affordable way to expand housing that can be set up and used within a day. Transform your backyard into a multi-functional professional or leisure space.

More living space, none of the hassle.

Pod provides additional space without the prohibitive cost of home renovations, and creates a designated area for whatever you need most in your life.

Use Pod however you want.

Your personal space arrives fully wired and ready to power your tools, thoughts, and toys. Start a project, finish that book, start a new hobby, or just enjoy a new space to hang out and entertain guests.

Home office

Cut out the distractions with a focused, personalized workspace.

Maintaining a boundary between personal and work life can be challenging for anyone who works from home. Pod gives you a separate, dedicated workspace.

Exercise room

Work out like a pro, no gym membership required.

Whether you’re lifting weights, doing yoga, or participating in your favorite online Zumba class, the Pod is spacious enough to accommodate your personal indoor fitness routine.

Chill space

Pod is perfect for party time or “me time”.

If your house needs an extra space for fun and leisure, Pod is your new spot. Enjoy private gaming sessions, or create a unique entertainment space, perfect for parties and gatherings.

Kids’ playroom

Give your kids a space to play and create.

Pod is the perfect, easy-to-manage kids’ playroom, with plenty of space for kids to roam and play with their favorite toys, and create messy, beautiful works of priceless art.

Your Pod is your business.

Pod creates opportunities to rent out spaces people need. Get the most out of Pod and make a return on your investment.

Vacation rental

Curate unique, unforgettable experiences for your guests.

“Tiny house” rentals are exploding in popularity. Pod can be transformed into the ultimate Airbnb tiny house rental, making it a profitable investment for years to come with minimal up-front commitment.

“Tiny house” Airbnb rentals range anywhere from $70-$500 per night near major urban areas. That means in the first year alone, you could see a return investment of 200% or more.

Remote office rental

Lease your Pod to professionals in need of a remote office space.

While shared coworking spaces are popping up in mostly urban areas, private office rentals remain a luxury service with scarce availability. With Pod, you can rent out a standalone, totally exclusive workspace.

On average, private office spaces near major urban centers are leased for $12 or more per hour. You could make over $30,000 in one year just by renting your office space for 8 hours per day.

Design & Materials

The Autonomous Pod walls are built with a layered combination of plywood, a sturdy wooden frame, insulation foam, bitumen and a composite wood coating. It's exceptionally durable and able to withstand changing weather patterns year-round. With inputs for centralized heating and cooling, you’ll feel comfortable whether you’re using it on a snowy winter day, or in the heat of the summer. The elevated platform helps safeguard Pod from heat, insects, water, and mold.

Set up

Done in a day

Hiring contractors and obtaining construction permits to make renovations or additions to your home is a costly and arduous process that can take months or years to complete. Autonomous Pod comes with clear assembly instructions and a headache-free construction process that can be completed in just a few hours.

Set it up anywhere

Pod works on any terrain, no concrete surface needed. Its elevated feet can be adjusted to precisely the right custom heights so the pod stays flat and stable, even on slopes and rough ground. Load it up with whatever furnishings you like; Pod can is built to evenly distribute up to 4 tons of weight.


The flexibility, strength and durability of the Autonomous Pod can be traced back to where it all starts, in the manufacturing process which we carefully control from start to finish. Every step of the prefabricated build is precisely controlled and tested to exceed factory standards – every piece of lumber, every joint, and every seal. That’s a level of quality and attention to detail you won’t get with traditional structures built onsite.

The nuts and bolts.


Is there a warranty period for Autonomous Pod?
The Autonomous Pod itself comes with 3-year warranty for manufacturer defects. If something doesn’t perform as expected, we’ll replace it. For the fully equipped option, the warranty is guaranteed for add-on furniture products. You can find all reference through this link https://www.autonomous.ai/help-center/policy/warranty-policy
How much space does Autonomous Pod require?
The foundation is 11'8 by 8'4. For a comfortable fit, we recommend an area around double of that – 23'5 by 16'9.
What kind of surface is suitable to build on?
Suitable common surfaces include brick, concrete, gravel, grass, etc. The foundation is uniquely engineered to bear the weight of the Autonomous Pod and an additional 1 metric ton without the need for ground fixtures.
Can I set up Autonomous Pod on a slope?
While flat ground is always best for ease of assembly, one of the beauties of the Autonomous Pod foundation is its stability even if the ground is not completely level. We do recommend that any slope does not exceed 5°, or approximately 4.5 inches.
Can I move it to another location once it’s set up?
Autonomous Pod can be easily disassembled and put up again at its new location.
How do I power up Autonomous Pod?
It has a simple port for power connection, so all you need to do is connect the outdoor wire to an existing power source from your home.
Can I install a heating and cooling unit?
Yes – but you don’t have to, because Autonomous Pod also comes with a portable air conditioner that can be tucked neatly away into its own streamlined cupboard.
What makes Autonomous Pod sound-insulating?
Autonomous Pod is sturdily constructed from a number of durable materials. The insulating foam layer doesn't just work to block out sound, but is also heat and fire-resistant. All glass is tempered, and 8mm thick, which also goes a long way towards preserving the peace and quiet of your oasis.
What is the minimum wattage?
100W for all electric devices.
What’s the airflow situation?
In addition to its air conditioning unit, Autonomous Pod also has an exhaust fan and an air duct to keep air fresh and circulating.
Is Autonomous Pod strong enough to support additional fixtures?
Its walls will easily support basic fixtures like frames and shelves, but please be aware that power lines are contained within the walls.
Do you offer assembly services?
While there is currently no on-site assembly service for Autonomous Pod, our team is on hand to offer remote assistance via video or phone.
I’m not a builder. Will I be able to assemble Autonomous Pod?
Autonomous Pod was specifically engineered to be DIY friendly. Very minimal expertise is required, but if you’re a complete novice or feeling somewhat unsure, it can be helpful to have a spare pair of hands to help. Feel free to give us a call anytime, too.
Is there a free trial for Autonomous Pod?
As user assembly and setup may differ widely across different environments and scenarios, we cannot offer a trial period for the Pod itself. However, a 30-day trial does apply to other Autonomous products in the fully equipped WorkPod, such as SmartDesk Pro, ErgoChair Pro+, etc. If you don’t love it, we’ll take it off your hands and issue a refund accordingly.
Do I need a permit?
Autonomous Pod is designed to a specific height and square footage (98 sq. ft.), so that permits are not usually required for the majority of states and localities. However, as regulations do change, we always recommend checking with your local authorities or homeowners association.
Do you supply building plans?
We are happy to provide building plans and other details if you need them for your own paperwork. Please help to find in here, If you have any questions feel free contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to all Pod orders placed via the Autonomous website, or via correspondence with Autonomous customer support. By purchasing a Pod, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Trial & return policy

There is no trial & return policy for the Pod itself.

Order cancellation

Order cancellations made after the container arrived at our warehouse and Pod is ready to ship will incur a late cancellation fee, equivalent to 30% of the amount paid for the Pod.


Assembly is not included with the Pod. The Pod team is available at [email protected] to provide informal advice if needed, but the assembly process itself is the user’s sole responsibility. More assembly information can be found in the building plan


The Pod itself comes with a 3-year warranty for manufacturer defects. Replacements will be issued for any defective components.

Promo codes

Discount or referral codes are applicable to any Pod order.

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