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ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch by MyKronoz


The world’s first hybrid smartwatch combines mechanical hands with a round color touchscreen and all of the features you want in a smartwatch.

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ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch by MyKronoz at a glance.

• Mechanical hands

• High-resolution TFT color touchscreen display

• 5 ATM water-resistant

• 3-axis accelerometer

• Activity tracker

• Calorie tracker

• Sleep monitoring

• SmartApp compatible with Android/iOS

• 1-year warranty


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How do I charge the ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch?
We recommend you to initially charge your ZeTime for 90 minutes before first use.
Charging procedure:
1. Position the back of your ZeTime on the charging dock.
2. Plug the USB cable into the charger.
3. Plug the larger end of the USB cable into a USB power source.
4. A battery icon will pop-up to indicate charging is in progress and turn to solid green when it’s fully charged.
5. Unplug the cable after ZeTime is charged.
Watch how to charge your ZeTime.
How do I set up my ZeTime?
After turning ON your ZeTime for the first time you’ll be prompted to download the ZeTime Mobile App on your smartphone in order to proceed with initial setup.
Setup procedure:
1. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.
2. Download the Zetime Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play store.
3. Open ZeTime Mobile App on your smartphone. Sign-up if you’re a new member or Log-in with your existing account. After entering your personal information follow the on-screen instructions.
4. Make sure ZeTime is nearby and select it in the list of devices.
5. A pairing request will appear on your smartphone. Press “pair" to accept.
6. Then, you will receive a pairing request on your ZeTime display. Tap on the screen to accept the pairing
7. When ZeTime is successfully paired, you will be notified on both devices.
Watch how to set up your ZeTime.
What can I track with my ZeTime?
Thanks to its 3-axis accelerometer, the ZeTime tracks:
Your daily activity (walking and running)
Distance traveled
Number of calories burned (Active calories / Active calories + Resting calories)
Your sleeping patterns (Duration & Sleep cycles)
Your heart rate
NOTE: ZeTime doesn't track other activities such as swimming, cycling, etc.
What is ZeTime Smart Movement?
ZeTime Smart Movement is MyKronoz patented technology which allows the mechanical watch hands to be controlled by the watch processor through the App. This means the watch hands can position themselves so as not to disturb your reading experience.
Is the ZeTime waterproof?
ZeTime features 50-meter water resistance (5 ATM). Therefore, you can use your device when swimming, showering or dishwashing. However, please note that ZeTime should not be exposed to water at high pressure, such as ocean waves or waterfalls and can not be used for snorkeling or diving.
Clean your device with fresh water after swimming.
Avoid long exposure to salt water. This may damage the wristband and body, or the HR sensor.
Avoid exposure to any liquid chemical products such as cosmetics, solvents or perfumes.
Do not press the button of your device when it is under water.
When the pedometer resets, what happens to all my previous data?
Your ZeTime resets automatically to 0 at midnight. Your daily data will be stored in your ZeTime for up to 10 days without syncing.
If you perform a manual reset, data stored in your ZeTime will not be erased. However, if you perform a Hard Reset via the Mobile App or through the equipment (Settings menu > Reset), all data stored in your ZeTime will be deleted.
Can I track my daily activity after turning off my device?
ZeTime allows you to track your daily activity even if your ZeTime is off.
To enable this function, open the ZeTime App > Settings tab > Power Off mode > Hands running + Activity tracking
How do I clean my ZeTime?
To clean your ZeTime properly, use a cloth and warm water to clean the sapphire glass watch face and stainless steel watch casing. Make sure to also clean the charging contacts on your smartwatch and charger. Use hypoallergenic soap to clean your silicone band and dry it with a soft cloth.
My step count doesn't seem accurate or doesn't appear on the ZeTime App, what should I do?
Your step/distance count does not seem accurate:
Make sure you have entered your correct height when signing up.
Make sure you’re wearing your ZeTime on your non-dominant wrist and not too loose. NOTE: The device may interpret some repetitive motions, such as washing dishes, folding laundry or clapping your hands, as steps. Also, be advised that since ZeTime is fitted by an accelerometer, if your arm doesn't move, the activity tracker won't count any steps. The daily step count is reset every night at midnight.
Your daily step count does not appear on the ZeTime App:
Make sure that your ZeTime is connected with your smartphone through the Mobile App.
Go to the Dashboard Tab and slide down to sync your data. If the problem persists, close the running App and turn off/on the Bluetooth connection. Then repeat the steps above.
The Activity data on your ZeTime and ZeTime App don't match:
Refresh the ZeTime Mobile app
Sync your data manually by sliding your finger down on the Dashboard page
NOTE: If you have several MyKronoz devices, please note that all your daily data (steps, distance, weight, etc) will be synced and saved on a single user account.